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Hi! I’m Evelyn Stice. I’ve been studying and working in IT since 1999. While completing my BS in Computer Information Systems, I began working as a technical writer/business analyst and quickly transitioned to software QA analyst, then senior QA analyst. For most of that time, I’ve successfully executed all the tasks expected of a senior/lead analyst, including acting as test lead, test development, test execution, requirements review, ad hoc testing, and mentoring/leading junior analysts. For a more detailed look at my work history and abilities, check out my resume.

My QA experience eventually led me to want to make a different kind of impact on the sites and apps I work with, so I’ve begun studying the field of UX/UI design with the intention of also working in that field at some point. In the meantime, just as the skills I honed as a writer have made me a stronger QA analyst, I expect the UX/UI skills I am learning will do the same. To view my skills progression, check out my UX/UI skills page.

Thanks for stopping in. Please do contact me with project/job offers, questions, or thoughts. I generally respond within 24 hours.